The Golden 24 (pronounced Golden Two-Four) will start and finish within Golden town boundaries, providing extensive camping areas and festival production but also close proximity to the town centre and all its amenities. Not to mention with the date scheduled for June 15 & 16, 2019, riders will get to enjoy the longest days of the year in the saddle and with their friends.

The partnership has all of the hallmarks for success. TransRockies Events has more than 20 years of experience producing top quality events across North America. Golden is a relatively undiscovered mountain biking mecca; particularly the Mountain Shadows trail system upon which the event will be based.

“We’ve been interested in hosting a 24-hour event for a long time,” said TransRockies president and founder, Aaron McConnell, “It’s not easy to find a suitable venue and we’re very excited by all of the opportunities available in Golden. The closer we move toward the event dates, the happier we are with how everything is coming together and all the great facilities and enthusiasm that are emerging in the town and area.”

Golden hosted two stages of the Singletrack 6 event, also hosted by TransRockies, in 2014 and again in July of 2016. “While we’ve long been aware of the mountain biking opportunities in Golden with the publicity surrounding the Mt 7 Psychosis event in the early 2000s, we were truly introduced to the trails in Golden in the lead up to the 2014 Singletrack 6 event. You never know what to expect when you pull 6 days of racing in great venues together, but we were pleasantly surprised to see Golden come out as the rider-voted best host community and best trails in our post-event survey. Needless to say, we knew we needed to come back.”

From Golden’s perspective, the stoke is high. “We love having mountain bikers come to town and be impressed by our trails. We’re proud of all the work we’ve put in and more riders and events means more recognition and funding to build more,” shares Golden Cycling Club president, Jeremy Harris. “TransRockies Events have been good to our trails and we’re happy to support and race in the new Golden 24 event.”

Golden 24 offers 24 hour and 8 hour options for solo and team riders.